Project: NINO :)))

On May 1st 2012, I was blessed with the coming to our world of my very first nephew on my own side of the family!! A wondeful little boy who has grown since into a lively and boistrous little lad:


A few weeks before his birth, as I was browsing the net, I found a great pattern made by lilipoint -ref PC005- and I thought of Nino straight away..  I got carried away with the idea of being able to make a cute handmade gift for him. Something, which hopefully will last a bit, a little something which can let him know how delighted I was and have been to know of his coming in our lives..   I had very little time before going to France and give my gift, so I ordered it straight away and started to work on it as soon as it was in my door:)


DMC #597/ 734 & 924
Other material used: Aida fabric, tapestry needles, a piece of white card, some double-sided tape, some backing fabric and a frame

About the Stitching:

As you would do for any other work, I first went to look for the centre of my fabric and design. My plan was to first stitch the capital letter  N, then to proceed with the rest of the writing. Hence, straight after marking the centre of fabric, I went to look for the centre of the letter N in relation to my first centre. I started stitching.

Despite my many counting I got it wrong (I used a 21 count Aida).  I realised of the inexactitude of my counting when my stitching of the letter N was well under way. I certainly did not have the heart to undo the many hours of work already in place. I ,therefore, decided that to make it work I would have to extend the design of the frame to suit my need. I did what was necessary and it worked!! Unless you know the original pattern, there is no way to know of my ‘faux pas’ …


The letter N is labour intensive with 1688 stitches

Despite my brilliant recovery, I encountered another difficulty: my miscounting had pushed the design further up in relation to the centre of the fabric resulting then in a shortage of fabric in the top section. This meant that I had to re-think how I would frame my stitching since lacing it on a board was not possible anymore.

Whoever said: There are no Problems just Solutions was at that moment in time very inspiring and I found my way out!

About the Sewing:

For this project there was very little sewing involved. My concern was to mount my project and frame it. I decided that the best solution was to use my stitched aida as a patch-like onto another fabric..

step by step:

  • I pulled threads on each side of my fabric to recentre my work.
  • I cut a thick enough piece of white card to the dimension of my stitching -not of my aida- to brighten up my work but also to contrast better between the stitched area and the borders with its fringes
  • I placed my project onto my backing fabric and secured it with some back stitches
  • I took a piece of card board the size of the overall project and laced my fabric together in the back to nicely stretch the material.
  • Finally I framed it in a simple glass frame that would not take away from the design.


Since making my Nino frame, i have re-worked with this design. I have made a girl version on a cushion instead of framing it. I am currently in the process of making anEnglish version of N comme Nino: O for Oisin!

Check out my coming posts for some pictures

Warm regards