Project: Love

How well fitted the name of my first project has been!!

FLORENCE-152 - Copy

It really was love at first sight when i saw the cover of the Cross-Stitch magazine (issue 249). It triggered so much excitement for me that i decided to start stitching. I read the article, figured out what tapestry needles and aida fabrics were, picked up a video on “How To” on YouTube and off I went  … That was January/ February 2012.

About the Stitching:

I would have loved to stitch the main piece of the project (a gorgeous heart) but i knew it to be too ambitious then. Instead, I picked up the lovely floral border stitched on the pillow case.

The motif was pretty and delicate and i thought it very versatile.

My first personal touch was in the choice of my colour. Instead of following the more conventional approach of the magazine by stitching red on white; I purchased a piece of red aida on which I stitched beige and cream on.

It was a pleasure to stitch and despite my repeated mistakes, i kept going … The rhythm of this first work went like that: “ Do, Undo, Redo / Do, Undo, Redo/ ….”

I decided to duplicate the border on each side of my fabric for the sake of practice and to give a nice symmetry to my design..Later on after finishing both borders, I went on to add a centre piece… Although it is only a variation of the border design, the design for the centre piece is my own idea -and my first design attempt!  

FLORENCE-28-2 - Copy

About the Sewing:

Gosh that was another tricky bits!

I had plenty ideas of what i could do with my stitching but i was completely clueless on how to make it happen!!

I put my stitching on the side, picked up my next stitching project. I did not forget about it though. First I decided what i wanted to do with my project: I would transform my stitching into a soft fabric mat to dress a wicker tray  in my sitting room (see picture above). 

I bought some plain fabric and a piece of felt for the underlay. I could see the finished project in my head but i had the writer block/ the fear to mess it all up and ruin it all. It took a whole summer before i found the courage to tackle my sewing. I soon discovered the capital importance of pressing your fabric to mark it and allow for some clean lines and angles.

With a machine stitch and some red thread I fixed my aida on a piece of fabric. Then I used a blanket stitch (DMC beige) to finish the edges but also to fix my piece of underlay to the top fabric…


I was moving really slowly as if i was in deep water   but gradually i became a bit more confident and I could then go on with finishing my project.


I picked up my second piece of plain fabric to make the back of my mat. After pinning it, i went to fasten it to the rest of my fabric by securing it with two blanket stitches alternating the colours  (Dmc Beige & #32) and the sizes of my stitches ..

Et Voila!!

FLORENCE-149 - Copy