Chicken Scratching

Last Saturday I went to attend a day-course to learn another technique of embroidery ” Chicken Scratching”. I had seen some examples of it in my Monday night craft group and I really wanted to have a go at it. Chicken scratching is surely an odd name for embroidery and you are really entitled to wonder what one has to do to produce such a type of embroidery!! Truth be told, it is not the right side of your fabric that has inspired the name but the back of it. Indeed, some basic rules of embroidery are simply dismissed when you ‘chicken scratch’ as knots are permitted and threads are covering the back of your work.

Despite of what I have just written above, I really like Chicken scratching and it has a nice rustic look. The use of white threads on the chequered pattern of the gingham fabric is quite attractive and it is  very eye catching. It actually looks like applique lace.

2013-06-16 15.37.11

Three simple stitches are used in Chicken Embroidery: working in chronological order they appear as such: the double cross-stitch -used to outline your design first and then to fill up your design. Here the use of two different colour threads is what creates the contrast. Then you create your running stitch followed by the woven circle stitch which complete your work.

Lastly  it is worth mentionning that depending on whether you use the dark or medium shade of  your gingham fabric you decide to start your work, you will obtain different effects. Imagine thus how much variation you could obtain  if you would play with your thread colours as well!!!

I got myself a second kit to re-work my technique but with the hope to do a heart shape for my next attempt. It might take some time though since I am finising a lovely bicycle at the moment and I am still working on  my online course ‘un travail d’ecoliere’… Wishing you a good day  and much love,    Flore