I am creating this new page to share some pieces of information, as well as some bits and bobs with you. In fact, anything that may help us to make sense of the codes and technicalities, which make of Embroidery a wonderful ancestral craftmanship/ artistry.

I don’t intend to classify my findings as I wish to convey a spontaneous feel to this page. I wish it to be like a treasure hunt where hopefully many of us will find our own gem after hours of digging in the sand. I hope it will bring you a little something and some enjoyement.

My gift to you x Flore

INFO #1: How to ??

For my first input on this page, I have chosen to share with you useful gem. It is more likely that many of you already know how to measure the actual dimensions of your cross-stitch design according to the materials being used but it still might help a few of you. It is quite straightforward really.

  1. Count the number of stitches to be embroidered in length (a) and also in width (b). Do Not Add them up.
  2. Figure out what Counts the fabric you will use has per inch
  3. Take your number (a) and divide it ny the count number of your fabric
  4. Take your number (b) and divide it by the count number of your fabric

Be aware that if you re using linen or evenweave fabric, you re more likely to stitch over two threads. Hence to have the estimated dimensions of your designs on such fabrics, you need to multiply x2 the results obtained at stage 3 & 4 above. Let’s have an exemple:

2013-04-24 10.33.18

  1.  (a) is 42 stitches and (b) is 26 stitches
  2. using a 28 cts/inch Evenweave fabric
  3. 42:28 = 1.5 inches x2 = 3 inches
  4. 26:28 = 0.928 –> 0.93 inch x2 = 1.86 inches

Your estimated final dimensions for your design in inch is therefore 3 x 1.86 inch over a 28cts/inch Evenweave stitched over 2 threads.

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