A Hearty Hello x

Last January I grabbed the Cross-Sticher issue on the spot as the free gift included caught my eye instantly! I thought the wooden shaped heart to be stitched would be a romantic key-ring and a very original gift to make. The motif and the colours used for the design were pretty and fresh. Besides, since the whole kit was supplied, it would have been foolish of me to walk away!!

2. Hearty Hello 1

En Janvier dernier,  j’ai achete le numero de Janvier de Cross-Stitcher car je suis tombee sous le charme du petit cadeau offert avec le magasine. L’idee de broder un petit Coeur en bois pour en faire un porte-cle m’a tout de suite seduit car j’ai trouve que c’etait original. Le motif et les couleurs utilises etaient de nature romantique pour ce mois de Fevrier 🙂 De plus, tout etait inclus dans le cadeau; le Coeur, les fils, l’attache porte-cles etc.. Cela aurait ete vraiment dommage de ne pas saisir cette occasion!!

About the Stitching:

Technically there was no great challenge into making it. I found that all the rules applying to stitching on aida, evenweave or linen applied here as well. Despite the recommendation section allowing for knots to be made to secure the threads; I decided to go ‘old school’ and to fasten my threads as one does on fabric.

The way stitching on wood differed from stitching on fabric was in the feel of it. The wood had absolutely no ‘give-in’ compared with fabric, which is soft and flexible. Hence, it did take a little while to get used to it as it felt rather foreign to handle.

As I went along, I came to the realisation that I would need to cover the back of my work with a piece of soft fabric. My main reasons for doing so were :

  1. to protect my work. Left uncovered my threads were running more risk to get damaged more easily once in use in my purse or in my pocket
  2. to provide a better finish to my product. Aesthetically speaking, it just looked much nicer.

2. Hearty Hello 6

C’etait la premiere fois que je brodais sur un support en bois. Techniquement parlant, il n’y avait rien de difficile. D’ailleurs malgre le conseil du magasine qui indiquait que je pouvais faire des noeuds pour attacher mes fils;  j’ai decide d’utiliser la regle de base de broderie qui refute les noeuds pour securiser les fils.

La grande difference entre broder sur un support bois et un tissu  fut dans les sensations obtenues.  Le bois etant rigide et dur n’etait pas malleable et m’a donne une sensation presque mecanique. Il m’a fallut un peu de temps pour m’y habituer et apprecier mes gestes.


About the Finishing Touch:

First of all, I went to paint the heart contour in Blue to compliment my stitching.

  1. In order to make sure that I would not apply any paint on my stitching, I went to run a line of backstitch along the edge of my stitching.
  2. I have applied three coats of paint to get the results I wanted; working from my darker shade of blue to a brighter one.
  3. Obviously I  also painted the back of my heart as well
2. Hearty Hello 2

you can see the line of backstitich in blue along the heart edges

Lors de la confection de mon porte-cle,  j’ai pris le decision que j’allais couvrir avec du tissu le verso de mon Coeur afin de proteger mes fils et de donner un plus joli rendu a l’objet. J ai aussi realise que la couleur Bleu faisait ressortir la broderie.

  1. Avant de peindre le Coeur et afin de proteger mes points; j’ai brode une serie de points arrieres  tout au long du contour du Coeur.
  2. Cette serie de point m’a permis d’attacher un premier tissu (voir photoci-dessous)
  3. J’ai ensuite recouvert ce premier tissu de deux autres pour une belle finition. J’ai utilse un thermocollant et de la colle pour textile pour attacher ces tissus les uns aux autres.

Then, for a nice finish on the back of the heart, I had to undertake a few more steps:

  1. I cut a piece of blue fabric in a heart shape, which I secured by sticking pieces of double-sided tape. To be on the safe side I made sure that my backstitches were also holding the fabric in place.
2. Hearty Hello 4

Step 1 of 4 to finish the back of the Heart

  1. I then went to cut a thin piece of lining fabric to create a bit of a padded effect as well as another fabric in a colour scheme matching my stitches to use it as my top fabric
  2. I secured then to each other with an iron on transfer and eventually I  glued them onto the first fabric with some textile glue ..

2. Hearty Hello 5

So many little steps but as the L’Oreal ad says ‘It s Worth It’  :)) I do value the little details :))

Hearty feel to All , from Flore x

One thought on “A Hearty Hello x

  1. très joli même avec les deux couleurs sur le bois, on a l’impression que ce sont deux modèles différents. On retrouve le bleu et le jaune dans la broderie. Je n’aurai pas pensé que l’on pouvait broder sur du bois. Félicitations!

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