A ‘skirty’ hello

Just a quick hello to let you know that the busy bee that I am has been even busier of late…

I received my supplies for my online course by Marie Suarez. I have started reading the course and get accustomed with the different fabrics and laces provided. Soon I’ll post a few pictures of my progress … It’s so pretty and delicate and quite floral. I am thrilled to start it.

I am finishing my stitching for my First Ever Order placed by my friend Siobhan. It is the ‘O for Oisin’, which I am left to frame in the same manner  as I did the  ‘N for Nino’

I saw Christine, who so generously gives me some of her time and skills and takes all the pictures posted in this blog. She gave me my latest pics. I could not wait to present them to you so I went to post one of each in my category ‘Coming Soon’. To check some of Christine’s work, go to www.christineburnsphotography.ie

Ok I have to dash but not before leaving you with my skirt.. I have told many of you about my mad skirt which I did last Autumn in my dressmaking class:  ‘Here it is, check out for yourself !!!!!’




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