Project: Coeur de Broderie

After falling in love with my first project, after making my second project a  labour of love; I just wished to do more and to explore. Hence, I naturally turned to embroidery with my new project ‘Coeur de Broderie’. A very pretty sampler exploring some of the best known stitches and their possible variations:

Feather Stitch, Chain Stitch, Blanket Stitch, Herringbone, Palestrina, Couching stitches as well as French knots are among the stitches to be tried out in this pretty sampler from Un Chat dans l’Aiguille.

This sampler was created for the beginner level but the end product is very eye-catching with its medley of shapes and of reds. It is supplied with the linen on which the design is printed with a water-removable ink. Needles and threads are also provided. More importantly, it is also supplied with a technical description of each stitch.

About the Stitches: 

I was methodological in my approach. I started with the top line of my design and progressed downwards.

After stitching the second line of the design, which is a line of whipped chain stitch, I realised how important the regularity and the consistency of my stitch will determine the quality of my work.

I was able to make a selection of very decorative stitches in no time. I found brilliant the possibility to mix colours or stitches together to enhance both stitches and pattern.

In this project my favourite stitch combination was the palestrina stitch with the chain stitch daisy in the centre of it. My favourite colour combination was the couching stitch made of beige and bordeau. The trellis-work,inside the small heart, is also very attractive in ecru and red.


The biggest tip to give to anyone wishing to embroider my ‘Coeur de Broderie’ is to work from the inside to the outside for the hearts (fill inside first, then stitch inner line and  finish with outer line of embroidery).

Once my embroidery done, I rinsed out my fabric to wash out the water-soluble ink. Before it was fully dry; I ironed it.

About the Sewing:

My purpose was to have a pretty frame made 100% of soft fabric. I picked a plain red fabric colour for such a purpose. Nothing fancy for not taking away the focus from the embroidery work.

After washing and ironing my plain fabric, I first pinned a hem of 2cm(3/4 of an inch) in order to tidy up the edges.




 The following step was to pin another hem -of 5cm- this time, which use is to frame my stitching. Hence, i ran a machine stitch at 1cm from the inner side of plain fabric to attach together both hems to the linen.

The left over of threads was braided together to make an attach to hang the design

The left over of threads was braided together to make an attach to hang the design

My final touch was obviously decorative I stitched round clear buttons on the overlap of the red fabric  to recall the pretty circular shape of the spiderweb stitches..

All and all I am really happy with my first go at embroidery… but like for everything, there is room for improvement.

I know now that for ‘Coeur de Broderie’ to hang better, I would have to slide a thin cardboard on the back of my fabric for a better hold!!!

Still it is quite angelic!



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